Data Protection Act

All Data Protection Act guidance and forms issued by the Information Commissioner are searchable within this area. 

Please note that the contents are intended for guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Document Name File Type Size
Making a Subject Access Request PDF 235.6KB
Complying with a Subject Access Request PDF 473.7KB
Do I need to notify? PDF 260.9KB
Do I Need to Notify? For non profit-making organisations PDF 201.9KB
Additional Purpose Form PDF 117.9KB
Amendment Form PDF 124.9KB
Registration Renewal Form PDF 325.9KB
Cancellation Form PDF 115.2KB
Complaint Form PDF 226KB
Data Breach Report Form DOCX 67.2KB
Exemption from Notification Form PDF 205.1KB
Registration Request Form PDF PDF 94.7KB
Registration Request Form WORD DOC 712.9KB
Brief Guide to the Data Protection Act PDF 79.3KB
Candidates for Election PDF 89.3KB
Charities and non-profit-making organisations - Complying with the Act PDF 78.7KB
Churches and Religious Organisations - Complying with the Act PDF 88.3KB
Cloud Computing PDF 229.5KB
Clubs and Societies - Complying with the Act PDF 84KB
Complaint handling - undertaking an assessment PDF 77.6KB
Complaints about the Commissioner & his officers PDF 64.3KB
Defining what constitutes Consent PDF 236.1KB
Credit problems PDF 240.6KB
Are you a Data Controller or Data Processor PDF 242.1KB
Registered data controllers PDF 861.9KB
Data Protection Act Compliance self-help checklist PDF 86KB
Data Protection Audit - Self-assessment Toolkit PDF 753.3KB
Data Protection Audit - Self-assessment toolkit - Word version DOC 339.4KB
Data Protection - The Basics Training slides PDF 543.3KB
Data Security Breach Management PDF 115.9KB