General Data Protection Regulation

All guidance on the General Data Protection Regulation issued by the Information Commissioner are searchable within this area. 

Please note that the contents are intended for guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Document Name File Type Size
The new Data Protection Laws - what they mean for you (April 2018) PDF 318.4KB
Getting ready for the new data protection laws - guide for small businesses, charities and voluntary organisations PDF 341.6KB
A closer look at Accountability PDF 1009.8KB
A closer look at Data Protection Officer PDF 561KB
A closer look at Definitions PDF 534KB
A closer look at Principles PDF 662.1KB
A closer look at Records of Processing PDF 502.3KB
A closer look at Rights and Remedies PDF 906.4KB
A closer look at Transparency PDF 713KB
10 things you need to know and do PDF 241KB
New Data Protection Laws Summary PDF 204.6KB
EU General Data Protection Regulation PDF 910.8KB
The GDPR Game Changers - WMV WMV 26.5MB
The GDPR - Steps towards compliance PDF 96.7KB
GDPR Toolkit: Part 2: Accountability questionnaire for the Board PDF 124.4KB
GDPR Toolkit: Part 1: Know Your Data: Mapping the 5 W's PDF 779.2KB
Know Your Data - Mapping Pages DOCX 30.7KB
Issue 12, May 2018 PDF 214.6KB
Issue 11, April 2018 PDF 115.4KB
Issue 10, February 2018 PDF 132.3KB
Issue 9, January 2018 PDF 162.7KB
Issue 8, October 2017 PDF 246.4KB
Issue 7, April 2017 PDF 181.9KB
Issue 6, March 2017 PDF 228.5KB
Issue 5, December 2016 PDF 369.4KB
Issue 4, November 2016 PDF 175.3KB
Issue 3, August 2016 PDF 149.4KB
Issue 2, June 2016 PDF 164KB
Issue 1, April 2016 PDF 169.8KB
GDPR Conference SliDo responses May2017 PDF 157.5KB