Responsible use of CCTV on domestic property

CCTV does affect the privacy of others and you should consider what effect the installation of CCTV may have on your neighbours and how they may react.

Think about:

If you do conclude that CCTV is necessary and proportionate to solve the problem, you must:

It may help to invite your neighbours to view the footage captured as this may allay any concerns they have about your CCTV.

Regardless of whether the DP law applies or not, CCTV should be used in a responsible way that respects the privacy of others.  You should also be aware that other laws that protect individuals from harassment or voyeurism might apply and they may make complaints to the police or local authority.

Whilst CCTV installation is sometimes considered as a crime prevention measure, better locks or security lighting, for example, may be a more effective way of securing your property.  The police should be able to advise you about crime prevention measures.