Complaints about the Commissioner or staff

The Commissioner is appointed by the Council of Ministers, subject to the approval of Tynwald.  The Commissioner must perform his functions and exercise his powers independently and, in doing so, is not to be subject to the direction of Tynwald, its Branches or the Council of Ministers.  

We aim to give the best possible service to all our customers, but if you are unhappy or dissatisfied, then you can make a complaint.  You might wish to complain about a service we have provided when:

However, if you disagree with a decision that has been reached about the legislation we are responsible for and there is a formal procedure available to you in the relevant legislation, for example, an appeal to the Data Protection Tribunal or court, then this is the route you must follow. 

Complaints about the Information Commissioner’s officers

If you wish to make a complaint about the service provided by one of the officers appointed by the Commissioner, please contact the Commissioner.

You must:

The Commissioner will acknowledge receipt of your complaint promptly and will aim to send you a full response within 28 days. If this cannot be achieved for any reason, you will be advised of what is happening and when you should receive a full response.

Complaints about the Information Commissioner

Complaints about the actions of the Commissioner must be directed through the Chief Secretary as Secretary to the Council of Ministers.

Any complaints about the Commissioner should be sent to:

The Chief Secretary,

Government Offices,

Bucks Road,


Isle of Man