Exercising your rights during the Covid-19 crisis

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the ability for individuals to exercise any of their data protection rights currently remains unchanged.

We anticipate that individuals will understand the effect the crisis is having on organisations’ staffing levels and ability to offer full services, particularly front-line and critical services such as healthcare providers and government departments, as well as third sector organisations currently providing front-line services to assist the public.  Staffing resources, usually dedicated to compliance activities, may be temporarily diverted to other COVID -19 related duties.

We therefore seek the co-operation of the public in exercising their data protection rights proportionately, responsibly and appropriately during this period and to anticipate that there may be delays in full responses.

We ask you to:

  • consider being as specific as possible in relation to the personal data you wish to access, if you need to make a request 
  • bear in mind that, due to government imposed working restrictions, some organisations may only have staff working remotely who are unable to currently access hard copy records, or may be closed altogether with no access to any information.

Complaints can, of course, continue to be made to the Commissioner. 

The Commissioner will take a pragmatic and realistic approach in assessing each complaint on its merits, taking the actions of all parties and any extenuating circumstances into account.

Information about exercising your rights can be found on the website at