Special categories

The processing of "special categories" of personal data is prohibited unless a ground for processing is met. The 'special categories' are defined in Article 9(1)of the Applied GDPR. Recitals 41-50 of the Applied GDPR provide additional guidance on sensitive personal data.

Special categories includes personal data revealing:

The grounds for processing special categories of personal data are set out in Article 9(2) of the Applied GDPR and in summary are:

Personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences is not classed as "special categories" but is separately defined in Article 10 of the Applied GDPR.  Any processing of such personal data, can only be carried out in accordance with Article 10, i.e. under the control of official authority or when authorised by Manx law or Union law applied to Island.

Controllers must be aware of the types of personal data they process and which of the relevant grounds for processing is being met as this will impact on the