The Data Protection Tribunal

The Data Protection Tribunal's task is to consider appeals by Data Controllers which may relate to:

The Tribunal can support the Information Commissioner's decision, or overturn it and substitute whatever decision it thinks fit.

The Tribunal can also consider certificates issued by the Chief Minister certifying the exemption of certain personal data from certain provisions of the Act.

On questions of law there is a further appeal from the Tribunal to the High Court.

The Tribunal consists of a Chairman and Deputy Chairman, together with up to three other lay members. The Tribunal members are appointed by the Appointments Commission.

The Tribual Rules are available below or can be purchased from Tynwald Library. Further information regarding the Tribunal can be found on the Isle of Man Data Protection Tribunal website. If you have any queries regarding the Data Protection Tribunal you should contact the General Registry.

The Tribunal Rules will require updating to take account of the new appeals provided for in the data protection law.