Calling all businesses - Are you preparing yet?

Published On:Friday, August 11, 2017

With 200 working days left until the GDPR becomes enforceable, Isle of Man businesses offering goods and services to people living in the EU should be in the process of preparing for the change in law.  The main areas where businesses are likely to face challenges are the change in accountability for the processing of personal data and the enhanced transparency requirements (privacy notices).  

Island business that do not provide goods and services to EU residents will not be directly impacted by the GDPR.

However, the Chief Minister has committed to aligning Isle of Man data protection law with the GDPR by May 2018. Although no new data protection law has yet been put out to consultation, the obligations on businesses will be unlikely to differ in any significant way from those imposed by the GDPR.  

This means that all Island businesses, whoever they do business with, should start getting to grips with the new data protection regime and compliance guidance is available in a dedicated area of the website.  A selection of our publications is also available below. Further "Closer look" guidance is being prepared and will be announced in our Newsletter.


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