Complaints about CCTV and similar devices on domestic property

Published On:Tuesday, July 13, 2021


There has been a significant increase in complaints about the installation of CCTV, and similar devices, on domestic property. 

The data protection legislation is not intended to apply to the processing of personal data for a "purely personal or household activity".  The legislation does not apply to, and the Commissioner cannot take any action about, devices recording within the boundaries of private, domestic properties. 

The legislation will only apply, therefore, if a device is used for other purposes, for example, records a public area.

The Commissioner does not approve or licence such devices and does not have the power to enter domestic property and inspect such devices without a warrant issued by the Court.  In effect, the Commissioner can only ask a householder to confirm their processing and provide advice.

Harassment, voyeurism, etc. caused by the use of such devices are criminal matters and such concerns should be referred to the Isle of Man Constabulary.  Alternatively, the advice of an Advocate could be sought.

Guidance about CCTV, and similar devices, is available on the website